Air Quality

50% Improvement in Indoor Air Quality*

Newport Homebuilders’ LiveGreen Indoor Air Quality program focuses on increasing home comfort levels by reducing moisture, odors, and other pollutants inside the home through better air ventilation and filtration.

Key program elements include:

  • Tyvek® House Wrap Water Barrier — Reduces the build-up of trapped moisture in the walls which can eventually cause mold and wood rot.

  • Whole House Media Air Cleaner — Creates a healthier home by removing dust, pet dander, plant spores and other contaminates up to 83% more efficiently than the standard 1” filter.

  • Mechanically-Controlled Fresh-Air Ventilation System — Brings in fresh air and circulates it throughout the home, reducing the build-up of moisture, odors, and other pollutants.

  • Sealed Ducts During Construction — Minimize dust build-up in the air duct distribution system.

  • Kitchen Hood Vented to Outside — Reduces the build-up of moisture and cooking odors in the home.

  • Fireplace that Uses Outside Combustion Air — Reduces negative pressure build-up within the home.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors — Detect undesirable buildup of carbon monoxide in the home to ensure healthy air.

  • Sealed Garage from Living Areas — Prevents car exhaust and other fumes from entering the living space due to pressure differences.