Energy Efficiency

25% Energy Savings*

Newport Homebuilders’ LiveGreen program focuses on creating energy efficiencies throughout the construction process. As part of Newport’s LiveGreen program, each home we build is certified both by the high standards of the EPA’s Energy Star® Program as well as by the Dallas Home Builders Association’s Green Built of North Texas Program.

Key program elements include:

  • Tyvek® House Wrap — Provides comfort and energy efficiency through an effective air barrier.

  • Radiant Barrier Roof Decking — Increases air duct distribution system efficiency and reduces ceiling heat gains from the attic by up to 42%.

  • High-Performance Low-e Vinyl Windows — Resist the transfer of solar heat gain in the summer and cold air in the winter, reducing chronic condensation and expanding the area of usable, comfortable space in a room.

  • 14 SEER High Efficiency Cooling Equipment and Proper System Sizing — Reduces cooling costs and creates a maximum amount of comfort in the home.

  • Return Air Ducts in all Bedrooms — Provide greater efficiency and comfort by allowing better airflow to these rooms.

  • Efficient and Tightly Sealed Air Duct Distribution System — Reduces wasted energy due to duct leakage in the attic, thus lowering utility bills.

  • R38 Attic Insulation — Increases the blanket barrier between the attic and the living areas by 26%, which effectively reduces heating and cooling costs.

  • Energy Star® Compliant Dishwasher — Uses up to 25% less energy than standard models.

  • HERS Rating — Ensures the home’s energy-efficient performance through a standard measurement of energy efficiency that is performed on the home prior to the start of construction.

  • Third-Party Verification — Verifies the energy efficiency of each home through on-site testing and inspections by independent Home Energy Raters who use a 25—point Energy Star® Certification checklist.