Green Living


Newport Homebuilders’ LiveGreen program makes it easy to live green and save green. We feel we have a responsibility to do our part to help save the planet through our construction process and through the homes we build. We also want to help you do your part to live green by providing you with a fully-efficient home.

Key program elements include:

  • Energy Star® Certified Home — Saves energy and has a higher resale value than a non-Energy Star® home.

  • Exterior Fiber Cement Siding and Soffit Material — Offers superior durability by being rot and termite resistant, thus vastly reducing the need for replacement.

  • Job Site Recycling — Reduces waste by recycling all excess wood and brick from the job site.

  • Advanced Framing Techniques — Reduce waste through the more efficient use of materials.

  • Homeowner Recycling — Assists homeowners by providing information about local recycling opportunities that are available.

  • Engineered Lumber — Provides straighter, stronger, more consistent structure that protects forests by using only fast-growing, rapidly renewable tree species.

  • Green Built™ North Texas Certified Home — Gives peace of mind because each home meets the requirements and is registered on the Home Builders Association of Greater Dallas online home registry.